Thursday, January 18, 2007

I think this speaks for itself

Wherein an example of damning with faint praise: "I believe it is the best version of Windows that Microsoft has produced."

Walter Mossberg reviews Windows Vista. Let's pull out a few quotes:
  • Nearly all of the major, visible new features in Vista are already available in Apple's operating system
  • it's been on the Macintosh for years
  • But unlike the Mac version...a stranger or a child using your PC could grant permission for something you yourself might not allow.
  • This is also already on the Macintosh
  • It apes some elements on the Macintosh
  • As on the Mac
  • It's like the Mac's excellent Exposé feature
  • Once again, this is awfully similar to a Macintosh feature
  • Like the Mac
  • As on the Mac
  • And Apple is about to leap ahead again
  • This is another feature introduced earlier by Apple


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