Tuesday, January 16, 2007

kentrivia time

Wherein did you know the Whereins have appeared for over a year now? I'm getting a little tired of them. Perhaps I should change to Therefores or Wassups or Right Speedily.

You'll have to take my word for it, but I correctly guessed drummer for last week's #7. Now to this week's assortment of random guesses.
  1. At first I thought it said "Dondi" and I remembered reading that comic and while it wasn't very good I couldn't see why Ghandi would protest it, but I was 8 so what did I know. After rereading the question I see Kentrivia was going in a different direction. I'll guess musicals; that's the only explanation for the rise of Bollywood.
  2. From this is the modern derivation of "bar code." As we all know the bar code is the mark of the beast so the correct answer would have to be Satan. Sometimes people will refer to "minions of Satan" but that is not only wrong, it's an abominable misunderstanding and twisting of the language.
  3. Deuter, in the classic sense, was an honorable bodyguard of the 12 Century and the term signified self-sacrifice. For the more modern, Swayzefied usage it refers to an overwhelming and psychological need to kick ass.
  4. Denver and Arizona. But Phoenix is only 1000 feet above sea level and that should not qualify as a mountain. Even worse, looking at this list of U.S. States by elevation, Arizona is 12th. BY mean elevation, they do a little better at 7th. I suppose Arizona qualifies for Mountain Time, but just barely. I think their TV listings should come with an asterisk.
  5. Prior to WWI it was not entirely impolite to point your finger at another person. Politicians and children were noted for running around and jabbing their fingers in other people's business. Decrying a general breakdown of public morality, "Leslie's Weekly" commissioned a portrait of a stern, malnourished, poorly shaven drunk pointing his boney, low class (obviously Irish, probably Catholic) finger at America. Dutiably shamed, schools and churches soon began an antipointing campaign. This has held up over the decades--for the general population. With politicians, a backsliding has been noticed. You can see this in the "clenched-fist thumb point" politicians use for emphasis. The only explanation for why this only affects those running for public office would have to be the basic genetic defects that cause a person to raise money for the sole purpose of winning a job to pass laws to take more money. Basically thieves and liars without the common decency to rip you off behind your back. Let's not completely forget the poor parenting skills that cause these people to seek out public attention. And the pope.
  6. It must be asked: can a fictional character truly marry someone? I think not and fault Kentrivia for constructing such a nonsensical question. And "during the sack of Rome"? Shouldn't that be "in the sack of Rome" or even better, "in Rome's sack."
  7. Since the correct answer is very googleable and can be found here, I will not bore you by repeating said answer.

Today's kentrivia quiz was exceptionally easy.


Blogger reader_iam said...

I love your "whereins." But I'm willing to adapt and change to whatever. Well, not "whatever" itself, but "wassup" is OK. Or whatever.

Life is change, life is change.

1/16/2007 02:18:00 PM  
Blogger bill said...

I started, then dumped, a post trying to explain Whereins. The first time amused me and I thought I'd run the joke into the ground for a week and move on. No idea why I still do it other than it amuses me that others are amused by the practice. I've pretty much covered the blogger market for whereins, Neal Stephenson quotes (yes, I've seen the Diamond Age news), and searches for penguin recipes.

1/16/2007 02:36:00 PM  

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