Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Triple X Kentrivia

Wherein a trivia quiz so good he sent it twice.

Question: Does everyone know what this is or is it more than the normal amount of obtuseness you expect from Soquoted?

  1. I have 10 bucks that says I couldn't recognize a single Billboard Hot 100 number one single from 2006 if you played it for me. So I have no framework to even form a guess.
  2. They are all guests who stayed at the Petticoat Junction hotel.
  3. You know what's a good movie? The Year of Living Dangerously with Linda Hunt, Mel Gibson, and Sigourney Weaver.
  4. Tom.
  5. Obviously an island of little people with little, petty concerns. Manhattan.
  6. Probably would have flown higher if it hadn't been filled with boxes of tissues. Normally don't think of Kleenex as being heavy, but a ton of paper is a ton of paper.
  7. Never heard of Checking In or Models Inc., but the others are spinoffs of other shows so I assume those two are, too. What makes them unique to other spinoffs eludes me. I'm guessing the Stealth Spinoffs post at Something Old, Nothing New will be helpful in answering this.


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