Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lucky Guy

Wherein if you don't like this song, you must be gay

I love The Muffs. And Lucky Guy is a great first song off a great first album .

Damn, that's fun. One of those songs that I cannot listen to enough nor loud enough (to be the subject of a future post). Truly is one of my favorite albums and that song--right from a great drum intro--announces its presence with authority. Doesn't hurt that Kim Shattuck is way cute. I've never known what to properly classify the Muffs as--power pop garage punk? They've just become a type of comfort music for me. Got a big deadline, a giant pile of work requiring me to shut off of email, unplug the phone, and generally drown out the ambient office noise, I call up The Muffs, plug in the earphones, and crank up the volume to ear drum shattering levels. Massive head-banging is required and I do miss my ponytail. Then for all her vocal cord shredding singing style Ms. Shattuck's voice is also wonderfully expressive and surprisingly tender. All For Nothing is just beautiful. The way she twists the intonations on Really Really Happy is perfect.

Here's some more videos. Watch>>listen>>buy.

I'm currently listening to the just purchased Really Really Happy [iTunes]. Out in 2004, I completely missed it. First impression: one of their best. I'm just a big ball of hapiness listening to this.

I thought I'd previously mentioned The Muffs by transcribing the phone message left by Courtney Love (from Hamburger). Can't find it. They did get a Wherein mention in this classic post about Bruuuuce. I haven't seen cakreiz around, anywhere, but I also still laugh at "Get Courtney Cox dancing on stage and that shit is the national anthem." Sometimes So Quoted is quite insightfully funny.


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