Friday, September 14, 2007

Is Greg Oden the new Sam Bowie?

Wherein no, because Bowie was drafted second not first, and I doubt the third pick, Al Horford will be the next Michael Jordan

Once again, proof that there are no original thoughts.

  • Marcel Mutoni, AOL Sports: Is Greg Oden the modern-day version of Sam Bowie?
  • Tony Mejia, CBS Sports: Greg Oden is already hearing his name lumped in with Sam Bowie before he's even played a game.
  • Tim Kawakami, Mercury News: Is this a Sam Bowie/Michael Jordan replay?
  • Percy Allen, Seattle Times: Some are already comparing it to the 1984 draft, when the Blazers took Kentucky center Sam Bowie second instead of Michael Jordan
  • Max J. Dickstein, am New YorK: "It's obviously the Jordan curse, and Sam Bowie all over again," he added."
  • Et cetera

For the record, that isn't Max's line, he's quoting someone else. Figure we should go easy on him because of his horrible last name. It's almost as bad as my real name, Gaylord Assmear.


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