Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New blog

Wherein about freakin' time

I created this other blog a couple months back to catalog a bunch of obscure -- or just old -- records that I'm finally getting around to digitizing. Figured it's about time I started using it. I don't have the backlog of ripped vinyl I'd hoped to have and a bunch of waht I've done I'll be redoing since I've improved my process and I'm getting much cleaner copies....But, my idea is to just roll out new material once, maybe twice, a week so why not start.

Since I'm doing a soft grand opening, here's a simple name that song; or should I say gnos sith enam.

Note: while I may link to 45and33, that blog will ignore the existence of this blog. So any reference to soquoted or inference that the proprietor of 45and33 has any connection or knowledge of soquoted will be deleted.

soquoted is run pretty much anonymously. I'll probably send out links to 45and33 to a few people who have no knowledge of this place. People know each other for various reasons, no need to be explicit on the how/where/why of those reasons.

I probably should have mentioned this upfront before I had to delete a comment over there.


Blogger bill said...

The first points have been rewarded. This is a bonus round, so everyone is eligible for points for a correct answer.

10/31/2007 07:26:00 AM  

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