Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another Tuesday

Wherein it's safe to say that this blog is no longer even treading water. More of a deadman float with an occasional lift of the head for a gasp of air. Call it the January doldrums

1. circumcision
2. First thought is Bush, but I don't think he was a colonel. I'm leaning towards Castro, so that's my answer.
3. Mountains in Pennsylvania...mountain lions in Pennsylvania mountains...I got nothing.
4. Venice. I'm hoping acqua is Italian for water and alta means high or rising.
5. Triangle guy -- Pythagoras.
6. Is "as a stab" a clue? Nothing on this one.
7. First guess is something to do with a character playing with dolls. Second guess is something about origami.


Blogger XWL said...

1. Definitely what a moel uses to snip the schmekel with.

2. Colonel Momar Qadaffi of Libya (but what's really cool about him is his all young hot female coterie of body guards)

3. Penn State's school nickname is the "Nittany Lions", so the mountain must be Nittany

6. K Street is where all the lobbiest have their offices, yet there is no "J" Street. Guess some people made up a story about it being anti-John Jay jealousy.

7. Given last week's answer, I'm going with that on the DVD packaging for Region 2, all these DVD releases used red letters along the spine of the DVD

(see, that way Ken makes up for using a USA-centric consumer goods question by putting in a Euro-centric consumer goods question, tricky that Ken is)

Otherwise the doll guess sounds like it might be on the right track, but is that really all that unusual? Haven't seen enough of these films to really guess.

1/09/2008 01:53:00 PM  

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