Friday, December 21, 2007

At least he didn't call them a posse

Wherein for what it's worth, Sprayberry is referred to as the "hoodlum school" in our household and by other people we know who grew up in the area

A school gets redistricted. Not huge news, though annoying for those involved. But if you were the kid, would you really want your dad saying the following:
Bill Quinney's son, Collins, 15, is a freshman at Sprayberry. "My son … hates it every day he gets up. We moved to this area to be in Kell. You whacked our neighborhood in half," he said. "I honestly do believe that my son's grades would be higher (at Kell). He needs to be with his entourage."

Like that article isn't up in the teacher's lounge with Collins' name circled. Collins, is your homework ready, or were you too busy with your entourage. Probably won't get back to the other students, either.

On occasion we have to drive by Sprayberry. Awhile back we meant to take pictures of their school message sign and then mail them to the school board. They would do a "character word" each month, except it was never a word, it was always a couple of words or even a phrase. Like "Respect for Others." We'd drive by and yell "that's three words you morons!" Yeah, we're a lot of fun to hang out with. Maybe we need an entourage.


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