Monday, March 10, 2008

Will I see this tonight?

Wherein I hope it isn't sold out because I don't have a ticket

Review of Sia and Har Mar Superstar (with pictures):
Thank you Har Mar for getting naked and sweaty and trying to lure barely legal girls into your lair of dirty sin. It was fun. You are fun. I remember hearing stories about a crazy show Har Mar played at South by Southwest last year, and I have wanted to see him live ever since. He doesn’t disappoint.

I think Sia is one of those rare artists that is better to experience live than recorded. While she doesn’t move much, she smiles constantly and her voice is passionate and strong. Her charismatic personality is silly to the point of magical, especially when she interacts with the audience before, during and after each song.

Review from Arizona:
While it’s true that Har Mar (I refuse to call him Mr. Superstar) looks like a close relative of the aforementioned infamous, notably schlubby-looking Ron Jeremy (you may have seen him on “The Surreal Life”), but close your eyes and you hear what sounds more like a close relative of Justin Timberlake. Yes, the guy can actually sing…well. On top of that, his songs are catchy and entertaining as hell (as are his videos). They are a mix of steamy R&B, playful hip-hop, soul and pop music. And he can move too. Highlights include headstands, pelvic swivels, jumps, strip teases and the piece de resistance, high speed booty vibrating.

But above all, Har Mar knows how to work a room. He confidently sashays across the stage, with garments dripping off his body like sweat (there’s plenty of that too). His in between song banter is pricelessly hysterical, as are his regular queries of “Who wants to make out with me?” He writhes on the floor in the middle of the crowd, serenading ladies on the way. I didn’t see him shove his tongue down anyone’s throat as he did during the last time I saw him (at SXSW 2007), but it was an early show and he surely he had to tone it down a little for the Mountain crowd, which is more than just a bit more conservative than his average audience. Plus there were youngins about.

When Har Mar announced a song as one he “wrote for the Cheetah Girls”, Disney’s big haired, perma-grinning, all girl trio, he noticed that a few girls in the front row were “just about that demographic.”

Within a half a song, Har Mar had won over a good portion of the crowd, though I did spot a few mortified couples, like the one to my left, including one very tall man who shrieked, “God, no!” when Har Mar took his shirt off. On the other hand, to my right was a pack of screaming girls who flashed and photographed each other throughout the entire show. That is, when they weren’t shouting, “You have a hot ass!” to Har Mar.

By the time he got to the very Jackson 5-sounding “D.U.I” (fear not, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, it’s a reference to dialing under the influence), the amused audience was putty in his hot little hands.

There's one more sentence to that last paragraph I didn't include because it's bullshit. There's no point in arguing with a Queen-sniffing Euroweenie; just smile and keep walking.

D.U.I. is a great song.


Blogger bill said...

update: I did

3/11/2008 10:07:00 AM  
Blogger bill said...

another update: also learned yesterday that there's a very high probability that I'll be attending the They Might Be Giants family show under the influence of vicodin. That should be fun.

3/11/2008 10:09:00 AM  

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