Saturday, April 19, 2008

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Wherein timestamp, rain, Legend of 1900, Darjeeling, Roma apple

  • Megan McArdle: As a friend recently remarked, "DC bagels are downright anti-semitic".
  • Megan McArdle: And I take nothing away from Suzanne Vega when I say that.
  • The Angry Drunk: What I have a problem with is the blogosphere’s psychotic need to whip every Apple related non-issue that it comes across into the second coming of Elvis.
  • Cracked: The 9 Manliest Names in the World. Doesn't include Dirk Pitt, list is incomplete.
  • About Greg Maddox: It was eerie, really, how easily Maddux dissected Penny's repertoire and suggested ways to maximize it. Penny, figuring he'd take advantage of the situation, asked Maddux to call a game for him against the Cubs. And so, on the night of Sept. 13, Penny glanced into the dugout before every delivery and found Maddux, who signaled the next pitch by looking toward different parts of the ballpark. Penny threw seven scoreless innings with no walks and beat the Cubs 6-0. "Maddux probably won't tell you that story," Penny says. He's right.
  • Language Log: Having reflected on it for a little while, I am convinced that the answer has to be that A and/or B must mean “A and B or A or B“. Update.
  • Bookslut: Sometimes all you need to do is paste in the post heading: Evil Monkey's Guide to Kosher Imaginary Animals (from Jeff and Ann VanderMeer).


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