Sunday, May 11, 2008

Not good at all

Wherein he's suckatastic

A week ago, ALOTT5MA wrote of "Hairspray, The Musical". Which is fine. It's ok, it's just a far, far inferior copy of the original. Two things made the John Waters' movie a classic: Divine and the music. So what does the broadway version give us? Harvey Fierstein in the Divine role singing. This can never be a good thing. But others disagreed:
  • but my biggest concern has always been if it can hold up without Fierstein's spin on Edna
  • You can't compare any Edna's to Fierstein's.

I stepped in and tried to put a halt to the insanity: I think I'm confused on the side issue. Y'all aren't seriously advocating a position of support for Harvey Fierstein's singing, are you? Only to have Matt respond with Harvey's singing and voice isn't "pretty," but it works perfectly for this character.

If "isn't pretty" is analogous to an autopsy being performed at a preschool recital as "slightly inappropriate," then I agree. But when compared to the originator, Divine, no, it does not work perfectly. Fierstein is a horrid actor and a wretched singer. To prove my point I have compiled Harvey Fierstein's vocal highlights from the Hairspray Cast Album. Don't worry, it's only 54 seconds and I had to stretch for that.


This song from the original Hairspray should have made it to the musical. This is I like to call "great music."


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