Saturday, May 17, 2008

Top Chef word clouds

Wherein blame it on the insomnia and not enough alcohol + Tylenol PM

At the TWOP Top Chef forums, there are individual forums for each chef. It approaches interesting to see who creates the most activity. Spike looks like a lightening rod and despite being one of the final 6, Antonia can only garner the 11th most comments.

Taking the newst three pages of comments, I've created Tag Clouds for the six chefs. Too time consuming to do the rest.

  1. Spike 234
  2. Richard 189
  3. Dale 174
  4. Mark 138
  5. Andrew 135
  6. Stephanie 97
  7. Lisa 90
  8. Ryan 85
  9. Nikki 81
  10. Jennifer 67
  11. Antonia 50
  12. Erik 47
  13. Zoi 37
  14. Nimma 34
  15. Manuel 26
  16. Valerie 16


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Blogger XWL said...

So is it one user who uses some sort of sentence construction like, "I think [so-and-so] had a hard time in the challenge . . .", or is that an equal opportunity offense?

Thing I noticed most on these wordclouds is the prominence of "think" in every one of them.

Wonder if that's normal on discussion boards for TV shows?

(people do a lot of postulating, and when people make conditional appraisals of future events, or even when discussin a pet theory that they know isn't based in fact, most folks will preface the sentence with, "I think")

I bet there's a lot of 'think'-ing on LOST message boards.

I also would assume the less 'polite' a message board is, the less 'think'-ing there is.

On sports boards, for instance, people don't 'think', they know things as facts, even when they don't know, but they'll state their postulates as facts anyway, cause the bombastic voice is pretty common in sportstalk.

All speculation on my part, but I think I'm right.

5/17/2008 01:58:00 PM  

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