Sunday, June 08, 2008

Music from the 1990s

Wherein seriously, that decade is almost a decade away? I feel a black mood descending that can only be fought with tequila

I've gone through my music and near as I can tell this is my music from the 90s (opens a google spreadsheet). This isn't all that I purchased -- I skipped greatest hits, compilations, reissues, some soundtracks, -- but it should almost all that was released in the 1990s. Actually, there are a few I didn't skip and I'll explain them when I get to them. One goal I have is to select my top 10-20 albums for the decade (since it's an arbitrary number I feel no need to prematurely define and then have to cram my selections into a too small box or puff it up if it turns out I hate all of this), so I'll need to skip a few that I purchased after the 1990s were over. And there's some CDs from The Wife on here that won't make my list -- I'm looking at you R.E.M.; go cry in the corner.

I think there's some good music in here and I'm undecided how I'll break it up between here and 44and33.blogspot. My apologies for neglecting site that for a couple of months, by the way.

If you want numbers, here's the initial breakdown by year. Total albums = 148
  • 1990 = 14
  • 1991 = 16
  • 1992 = 17
  • 1993 = 21
  • 1994 = 26
  • 1995 = 14
  • 1996 = 12
  • 1997 = 10
  • 1998 = 8
  • 1999 = 10

When I was pulling these out of my iTunes list, I discovered I had a lot of CDs listed without the release date. Did my best to catch as many as I could and this list could change as I dig up/remember more. For example, for this project I finally got around to buying Arrested Development's 3 Years, 5 Months, & 2 Days in the Life Of... on CD. I had it originally as a cassette and that done blown up years ago. So there could be a few more like that.


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