Saturday, August 23, 2008

Categories on the Canadian version of the $10,000 pyramid

Wherein list started after listening to this NPR story where Scott Simon says "Debbie Does Saskatoon" completely ignoring the original alliteration so I suggested "Sally Sucks Saskatoon"

  1. Actors on Saturday Night Live
  2. National Hockey League awards
  3. Poutine ingredients
  4. Lorne Greene
  5. Things you can do with snow
  6. Maple Syrup
  7. Prime Ministers
  8. 12 Days of Christmas (Bob and Doug McKenzie)
  9. Famous Bays
  10. Things that rhyme with Regina


Blogger XWL said...

Speaking of things that rhyme with Regina . . .

If it were an all female 'Debbie Does' film, they could go with the power of internal rhyme instead of alliteration, and call it "Debbie Does Vaginas in Regina"

8/25/2008 05:29:00 PM  

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