Friday, August 22, 2008

Toyko, Helsinki 1940

Wherein from this book: The Story of the Olympic Games, 776B.C. to 1960 A.D.

By midsummer of 1938 the Japanese came to the reluctant conclusion that they had their hands much too full with the Chinese to be bothered with any other international obligation, particularly the 1940 Olympic Games. So they returned the award to the International Olympic Committee which instantly reassigned it to Helsinki.

The Finnish Organizing Committee went rapidly to work constructing a new stadium. But that beautifully designed structure was to feel the thud of shots long before it ever felt the thud of shotputs. In 1939 Russia began her rape of Finland and nothing kills sporting instincts more violently than war, which is man's most unsportsmanlike activity.

And that's why no Olympic sport has any connection with type of warlike activity whatsoever. But seriously, ...the thud of shots long before it ever felt the thud of shotputs? This was written by professional, Pulitzer prize-winning authors?


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