Sunday, August 17, 2008

Two views

Wherein the Gruber mentioned is John at Daring Fireball Sometimes Mac people just assume that nonMac people know what they're talking about Of course as always substitute Mac and nonMac with generic Group A and Generic Group B

At Peeve Farm, Brian is discussing Walt Disney Animation Studios' new website: Here's to 1994. He concludes with "'s like they thought the best way to get back to where the studio was in the high-flying mid-90s was to redo their website the way it was done back then, back when everything was still new and fresh and exciting and we didn't have time to do things thoroughly and according to spec simply because there was still so much to create."

Wow! That sounds cool in a retroey cool retro way! Strip it down, get rid of the bullshit and have a website that focuses attention on the art. But then there's the comment that pours cold water on the whole thing: "Maybe you don't use Dreamweaver. But this code is so obviously Dreamweaver template code....This site is obviously an in-house job probably given as extra work to some employee who happened to have Dreamweaver installed on his or her desktop. And just chose the most simple "get it done" approach to the task."

I can't give my opinion because I can't get the website to open.


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