Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The ubiquitous blogpost of random iTunes selections

Wherein idea salvaged from this

This does not require iTunes and an iPod. You could use something else, but I'll have to sniff as I walk by and give you a withering glance.

Ya know, I downloaded the Zunes applications awhile back and loaded a couple of CDs into it. I can't figure out the interface. I'm not sure how to create playlists, can't get the main menu to display the track information I want it to, plus it seems to shift skins on me and it takes me forever (2-3 clicks) to get back to where I was. I spend a lot of working with Windows apps, so it isn't like I'm flummoxed by it not being iTunes. I've tried to spend more time in it, but why put myself through the frustration when I'm not going to use it?

song, artist (album); rating

rating is a scale of 1-7:
1 = where the hell did this come from (bad)
2 = uh, must be the wife's (no comment)
3 = ok (either a gift or maybe just a weak selection from a decent song; either way, it's ok but I'm forwarding to the next song)
4 = Hey, I remember this! (Not bad, I'd recommend it)
5 = Sweet! (quiet, I'm listening to this)
6 = That's what I'm talking about! (I just might hit repeat 3 or 4 times so just shut the hell up)
7 = 6 plus I'm cranking the volume until my ears bleed

  • Particle Man, They Might Be Giants. Funny, clever, good use of funky accordian. 5
  • I Thank You, Same and Dave. Stax is THE American music. 6
  • Tears Are Not Enough, ABC. I am powerless before this. Also a couple of very good guitar lines I've never paid attention to before. Wow. 7
  • Rind The River, R.E.M. 2
  • Dear Prudence, Beatles. I prefer the Souixie and the Banshees cover. 4
  • Gloria, U2. 2
  • Street Parade, Earl King. 6
  • Sit Down By The Fire, The Pogues. Have I ever mentioned that The Child was born listening to the Pogues CD, "If I Should Fall From Grace"? 6
  • Aloho Oe, Disneyland Boys Choir. 4
  • Misunderstood, Pete Townshend. It's my theme song. 7
  • Coconut Telegraph, Jimmy Buffett. 2
  • Back in the Box, David Byrne. Spin this with the Eurthymics Missionary because there's a lot of cross-over. Possibly a Grace Jones song that I can't quite remember. 6
  • Undertow, Ivy. 3
  • Sunshower, Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band. Some funky disco by the guy who went on to create Kid Creole and the Coconuts. 6
  • Woman, Rick Springfield. Good god, enough with The Wife songs. 2
  • The Spoken Wheel, Flogging Molly. 3
  • Papa's Got a Brand New Bag, James Brown. 5
  • Boody Boody Ya Ya Ya, Laurie Berkner. Song works on a whole other level if you sing "bloody bloody ow ow ow." 4
  • Good To Go Lover, Gwen Guthrie. The Prince influenced synths are heavy here. I prefer Ain't Nothing Going On But the Rent. 3
  • Lovely As the Day Is Long, Paul Cebar. Just a lovely piece of...well, I'm not sure what to call it, but I've never heard Paul Cebar ever do a bad song. 7


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