Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thanks for the comment?

Wherein not really

Link. If I ever consistently got more than a handful of random comments from random strangers I'd probably disable comments (first) and then shut down the blog to public view (second and last). Not that that would stop the most dense and ill-mannered among us. In response to this post, I received an email whose entirety read "Send me the booklet in pdf." That's it. No please, no thank you, no if it's not too much trouble, just gimmee gimmee gimmee. I was actually polite, or at least civil. I know! Even I was surprised! I replied to the little shit and told him that in the blog post in question was a link to a site that included images of the booklet. Did I get a thank you for helping him out? Of course not.

I think I need a Brenda Kahn coffee mug.


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