Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Alternative Trivia Tuesday -- I've lost count, so let's call this XXG or grrtweentieth

Wherein jennings answers -- yellow
A Tale of Two Cities
carbon dioxide
A Day In The Life

  1. Another Mojo Nixon question: for the 1998 Winter Olympics, he was the honorary captain of the United States team in this sport with a 4-letter name.

  2. In the eighties, Lou Reed appeared in commercials for this type of vehicle.

  3. If you're eating a sweetbread, what are you eating?

  4. Reading the Microsoft Computer Dictionary, at the end of the definition for troll, it says "See also YHBT." What does YHBT mean?

  5. What do the foods Welsh rabbit, Ritz Cracker apple pie, Hummingbird cake, but not bird's nest soup, have in common?


Blogger bill said...


1. Luge
2. Scooter
3. thymus glands of lamb, beef, or pork.
4. You Have Been Trolled
5. The title ingredient is not in the dish. Welsh rabbit (also rarebit) is basically bread and cheese, the Ritz apple pie (also called mock apple pie) is made with crackers and tastes amazingly like a slightly soggy apple pie, Hummingbird is just in the name. But for bird's nest soup, it's a swallow's nest "composed of interwoven strands of salivary laminae cement."

12/05/2008 02:01:00 AM  

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