Wednesday, January 07, 2009

List of shows

Wherein lately very little interests me

List from NY Times of shows restarting or starting for the first time. My comments in bold.

  • SCRUBS (ABC, Tuesday). Final season? Fine with me. The few times I tried to watch it just seemed like one of those comedies written by bright and clever people trying to hard to be clever. Never worked for me.

  • NIP/TUCK (FX, Tuesday). Never watched.

  • DAMAGES (FX, Wednesday). Never watched.

  • THE REAL WORLD BROOKLYN (MTV, Wednesday). Never watched any version.

  • FLASHPOINT (CBS, Friday). Second season? Never heard of it. Won't start watching.

  • HOWIE DO IT (NBC, Friday). Oh, hell no.

  • MONK (USA, Friday). This is still on? I thought we stopped watching this a decade ago.

  • 24 (Fox, Sunday). Bailed on this the 2nd episode of the first season. Not coming back.

  • AMERICAN IDOL (Fox, next Tuesday). Never watched.

  • THE BEAST (A&E, Jan. 15). Huh? I thought Patrick Swayze was dying? (He is; then again, aren't we all.) No longer get this channel, so never mind.

  • FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS (NBC, Jan. 16). Never watched.

  • BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (Sci-Fi, Jan. 16). Never watched.

  • BIG LOVE (HBO, Jan. 18). Never watched.

  • FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS (HBO, Jan. 18). First season is on DVD, will probably watch 2nd season same way if it sounds good.

  • THE L WORD (Showtime, Jan. 18). Never watched.

  • THE UNITED STATES OF TARA (Showtime, Jan. 18). Don't have Showtime.

  • LOST (ABC, Jan. 21). Will watch, though I hope it doesn't conflict with Life on NBC.

  • LIE TO ME (Fox, Jan .21). Probably won't watch.

  • BURN NOTICE (USA, Jan. 22). Never watched.

  • THE LAST TEMPLAR (NBC, Jan. 25). Highly Doubtful.

  • THE CLOSER (TNT, Jan. 26). Never watched.

  • TRUST ME (TNT, Jan. 26). Don't have channel, probably wouldn't watch.

  • MEDIUM (NBC, Feb. 2). Never watched.

  • HEROES (NBC, Feb. 2). Never watched.

  • DOLLHOUSE (Fox, Feb. 13). Somewhat doubtful. .

  • CASTLE (ABC, March 9). Will give it a shot.

  • BREAKING BAD (FX, March 15). No longer have FX.

  • REAPER (CW, March 17). I enjoyed this, will try and watch again.

  • KINGS (NBC, March 19). I'm curious.

  • CUPID (ABC, March 24). I'm apprehensive.


Blogger Outis said...

The majority of these shows fall into the "never watched" category for me.

I have watched "Heroes", "Lost", "Burn Notice" and "American Idol". I have also watched a few episodes of "Monk". "Monk" wore thin fairly quickly.

You've watched "Lost", so you know that show. All you need to know about "Heroes" is that it's even more uneven than "Lost" - there have been some nice highs and some really bad lows. One low occurs almost every episode, when the resident Box-of-Hair Surresh gives an annoying voice over to close the show.

"AI" is what it is, as a friend likes to say.

But "Burn Notice" is definitely a show to watch. (I'd netflix the first season, which was only eight or so episodes long.) It's like watching the best of 1980s action/adventure shows, but with sharper dialogue and death. N A-TEAM shot-'em-ups with thousands of bullets fired and no actual bullet wounds on this show! Plus death by cell phone, vibrators as surveillance foiling tools and Bruce Effing Campbell.

1/07/2009 06:10:00 PM  
Blogger bill said...

season 2 of Burn Notice is on Hulu.

1/07/2009 08:05:00 PM  
Blogger Devid said...

I like so many show. Like Nip Truck and Heroes etc But Recently i am watching Monk episodes as last Sunday i downloaded the Show. I got a wonderful Stuff to watch Monk tv Show here.

2/03/2009 12:41:00 AM  

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