Thursday, February 05, 2009

Nothing about him gave any suggestion of a child LOST in the middle of the desert

Wherein pardon me while I muzzle my sheep

Tried to leave this at kulturblog, but it wouldn't go through

Interesting book. Here's an online version, with the explanation "This work is in the public domain in Canada, but may still be copyrighted in the USA and some countries in Europe. It is the responsibility of the user to determine whether the works are in the public domain in his or her respective country.

We also have the DVD of the lovely BBC production of the opera ( link).

If there's anything connection with Lost, it's allegorical as the Prince leaves his planet in anger, feels guilty for betraying the flower, and struggles to get back. The getting back isn't easy:

I shall look as if I were dead; and that will not be true..."

I said nothing.

"You understand... it is too far. I cannot carry this body with me. It is too heavy."

Sounds like Locke. Or Jack. Or they just borrowed the title because it's about a stranded Frenchman and they were introducing stranded Frenchmen. Fun/infuriating thing about Lost is that anything sounds plausible.


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