Saturday, July 18, 2009

Short quote: saxier

Wherein yakkity yak

Nic Brown:
1) I Know What Boys Like, the Waitresses. For a while I didn’t realize how perverse it was of me to dance to this song with my daughter. “I know what boys like. Boys like me.” I felt like a cretin when I actually listened to the lyrics. But my daughter isn’t concerned. She’s only 10 months old. All she cares about is that, when the over-the-top sax solo nears, I say: “Who loves the sax solo? Who loves the sax solo?” Then it hits, and I say, “You do!” and she screams.

3) New Position, Prince. This is on the soundtrack for the film “Under the Cherry Moon,” one of the worst movies ever made. It’s amazing to me that it could generate this album. It came out soon after “Purple Rain,” and the songs on it are better, the arrangements are tighter, and the production is clean and utterly pared down (exactly the opposite of whatever Prince is putting out these days). “New Position” is so spare that, on the intro, the most explosive part is when a loud woodblock inexplicably comes in for one measure tapping straight robotic eighth notes. It’s like Prince saying, “Hi. I can do whatever I want, no matter how ridiculous, and this will still be funky.”


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