Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Beautiful words should be immortalized

Wherein Benner I luv yu man wait are you a man Hell, if you're a woman I luv yu twice as much

Benner, commenting at ALOTT5MA on a new Kennedy Center honoree:
Bruce Springsteen. Not deserving in the least. For all the records he's sold, he is one of the least influential artists on the scene. Musically, he's essentially conservative and, basically, boring. Lyrically, he's a more literal Bob Dylan whose occasional forays into metaphor territory end terribly badly, a la "Born to Run." He's brought a lot of people happiness, for certain, but he hasn't done a single thing to contribute to the arts or culture, qua arts and culture. At least Little Steven has the underground radio show, for example. And the very notion of a lifetime award means he's getting at least partial credit for "Lucky Town" (album and album cover).



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