Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Day after Labor Day

Wherein otherwise known as DALD

1. Crap, it's probably that Vermont ice cream company....Chuck & Cheesey? No, Ben and Jerry's. I like their ice cream, for the most part. They just tend to load it up with too much crap and unfortunately this has influenced almost everyone else. I just want ice cream. Flavors are fine, the occasional bit of fruit if that's the kind of ice cream it is, maybe a nut or two if it's in the name, otherwise I'm tired of dealing with giant chunks of stuff that not only hide the taste of the ice cream but often are of greater volume than the ice cream. All I want is ice cream.

2. Whoever she is, I bet she's dead.

3. I'll come back to this one. Alright, I googled Rubus looking for a hint and I got the entire answer. Reminds me I need to order some of these to plant. Also had a cobbler of same yesterday at lunch. We tried a a BBQ restaurant in Kennesaw we'd heard good things about. It was entirely meh so I won't mention it's name. If you're in the area there are other BBQ joints I would recommend.

4. No idea. I wonder if it's a reference to Duke Ellington? He is a musician and was frequently mentioned in a movie I just saw. "At this time in his life, he said that he lived on "red peppers, cocaine and milk"."

5. I'm going with NBA. Supersonics just moved to some Cowtown state -- Oklahoma or Nebraska. Utah has the Jazz. And the third...don't know, but the answer is NBA.

6. Pelican

7. something about the red in the flag.


Blogger XWL said...

1) Indeed, Ben&Jerry's, and yes, the quality of their ice cream is good, but the quantity of crap they add is crappy.

2) Greta Garbo was the go to actress for tragically doomed heroines back in the 30s. And, yes, she's dead.

3) 9/9/9 is a big day at Apple, Steve Jobs saw his shadow, so three new iPods will be coming out, or something.

4) David Bowie became the White Duke after he discarded the Ziggy Stardust persona. He had a habit of reinventing himself.

5) Oklahoma Thunder are the Cow staters, Utah Jazz (who should really relinquish their name back to the New Orleans franchise), and Portland Jailblazers are all the sole teams in their state in top division leagues (the question is poorly worded, minor leagues are still 'Sport franchises', so he should have indicated that he was only referring to MLB, NFL, NHL, and the NBA).

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