Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Isn't "retour des cendres" an Elvis Presley song?

Wherein address unknown

1. nebula

2. Dog Day Afternoon

3. Monopoly, boardgame of

4. something to do with Napoleon...how about his body...or his shriveled male member soaking in a jar of formaldehyde. Ok, that penis thing was meant as a joke, but I'm closer to an actual urban legend than I thought. Though we all know that the Smithsonianians are lying liars about John Dillinger.

5. DK

6. A myth involving Greek men and sheep? Heh heh heh. Jason.

7. Might have occurred to me if I'd sat on it for awhile, but I easily figured this out with very little research. The lightbulb moment was seeing [xxxxxxx] in the "My Two Dads" description; I'd forgotten about that.


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