Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Putting the hammer to the floor

Wherein hang on St Crhistopher on the passenger side

  1. T&A

  2. Sarah Palin

  3. Electric Light Orchestra. No, pretty sure they'd been around by then. Met in 1976, doesn't mean the band was formed in 1976. Beastie Boys.

  4. Io

  5. MLS

  6. Tom Waits -- I love that song. No idea what he's singing. Let us review:
    Well cutting through the cane break, rattling the sill
    Thunder that the rain makes when the shadow tops the hill
    Big light on the back street, hill to ever more
    Packing down the ladder with the hammer to the floor
    Here come the Big Black Mariah, here come the Big Black Mariah
    Here come the Big Black Mariah, I seen the big black Ford

  7. don't know, how about no retail liquor sales on Sundays. nope


Blogger XWL said...

1) Given it's that terrible nurse drama, I'd go with RN, instead.

3) I think those are Bono's and Edge's real names, so I'd go with U2

4) Fear=Phobos, and it's Mars' largest moon.

6) Why the English need two different nicknames for prisoner transports, I won't ever know, but it's another name for a paddywagon (maybe they reserve 'paddywagon' for when there are a bunch of Irish being hauled off to the pokey).

7) Don't know.

10/28/2009 01:18:00 AM  

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