Tuesday, October 13, 2009

USA first Concacaf country to qualify for 2010 World Cup

Wherein all this fookin rain is getting on my last fookin soggy nerve

  1. Supreme Court

  2. Feet

  3. no idea

  4. (1)The Simpsons (2) The Adventures of Urineman

  5. First thought was Chuck Darwin even though I was pretty sure he was born long before that. Upon reflection/googling, I was correct about the birth date and the answer is a different Chuck.

  6. no idea

  7. This was easy to solve by a quick reading of their wiki bios. Steven Colbert also shares this distinction.


Blogger XWL said...

3) Suleyman is usually derisively referred to as Octomom.

4) Sponge Bob would make sense as the non-Simpsons Yellow Album inspiring hit animated show. Jimmy Kimmel made a Marge uses Spongebob as a contraceptive joke when commenting on her being on the cover of Playboy (and what were they thinking with that, anyway?)

5) The artist usually known as Lewis Carroll, I suppose (they didn't want to include any stained glass of him with naked young girls, too?)

6) I'm guessing Macedonia, Greece refuses to recognize Macedonia since their northern province is also called Macedonia, and they're afraid that some sort of Macedonian solidarity and unification movement will be inflamed by having the same name. Yet, Georgia's never complained about Georgia also being called Georgia. I guess being separated by 1000s of miles helps.

10/13/2009 09:21:00 PM  

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