Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'm wrong about everything

Wherein mostly

1. cancer. I always check medical questions against the lyrics of UTFO's Roxanne, Roxanne:
She said "You call yourself a doctor?" I said "This is true."
She said "Explain to me really what doctors must do."
I said "This is very rare because I don't say this every day
There's a million medical skills a doctor displays
Dermatology is treatment of the skin
Infected and you'll see me and you'll know you're again
There's anesthesiology, ophthalmology
Internal medicine and plastic surgery
Orthopedic surgery and pathology
A disease involves a change of the body."
She said "Ooooh, that's very unique."

2. Anderson
3. 2010: A Space Mayonnaise
4. Stone
5. Leslie Stahl, Diane Sawyer
6. That's funny.
7. Based on North Carolina and Vietnam I'm going with vinegar-based bbq.


Blogger XWL said...

2. I'd go with George Wallace in 68, I don't think any 3rd party candidate since has carried a state.

3. 2010 wasn't released in 2001. I think it was Pokemon 3: It's Not Something You Spread on Bread

(I looked it up, you were sort of on the right track as the real answer does have a Kubrick connection)

5. Leslie Stahl isn't on any morning shows, but Meredith Viera is, so I'd go with her.

6. "The marmots native to British Columbia are noted for their odd sounding mating call which to many ears sound as if they are saying 'picasso' excitedly to each other", either that or Whistler.

9/16/2009 01:16:00 PM  

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