Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Wherein if I recall correctly it would be 2-3 months after this before I saw my first Wallets concert

Quoting the youtube poster:
A legendary performance by The Wallets at First Avenue, wherein Steve Kramer tars and feathers himself to the utter amazement of the audience and the band. We rehearsed this show for a few weeks and only performed it once. Steve Kramer: keyboard, vocals. Rod Gordon: keyboard. Jim Clifford: bass. Eric Anderson: drums. Max Ray: baritone sax. Paul Scher: tenor sax. Tim Rummelhoff: tenor sax. Bobby Rodriguez: alto sax. The trombonist, percussionists and dancers: I just can't recall the names. Sorry.

Bonus 1st Ave video from 1987, I Want To Go To Hollywood.


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