Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The return of the Top Chef Performance Chart of Charting Performanceâ„¢

Wherein previously

*update: I missed Tiffany when I moved the data around and have now added her to the chart.

Thought: what would it look like if I applied values to Top Chef Performance and created a chart with pretty colors?

Result: Because I once had a class in statistics, the result is creamy awesomeness.

Fiddled with the inputs to give a little emphasis on EC wins. I've used the wiki page for the results and haven't verified for accuracy. Plus, some of the team challenges skew bottom use this for betting at your own peril. Basically, this should demonstrate the chef's level of consistency up to this point and is not predictive of future performance.

I'm scoring as follows:
  • qf top: +1
  • qf win: +2
  • qf bottom: -1
  • EC top +2
  • EC win +4
  • EC bottom -2
  • EC loss: -4

After 5 weeks, scoring is:
15, Richard
10, Dale T
9, Angelo
6, Marcel
1, Antonia, Carla, Mike, Tre
0, Fabio
-1, Jamie, Tiffani
-5, Tiffany

Richard has zero bottom finishes and Dale T has only finished bottom in the ep 5 quickfire. Marcel also has just one quickfire bottom finish (ep1) and Angelo has 3 quickfire bottom finishes. Until his elimination, Spike had no bottom finishes. Tre's three bottom finishes are all elimination challenges -- that isn't a quality indicator. Fabio has the most bottom finishes with 4 out of 10 competitions. Tiffany has the most bottom finishes with 5 out of 10 competitions.

Now for the pretty picture.


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