Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Wherein I skipped over the Christmas songs for reasons  

These are from my play list.
  • Hang on St. Christopher, Tom Waits
  • A Very Sorry Saint, John Wesley Harding
  • Au Fond du Temple Saint, David Byrne & Rufus Wainwright
  • Litanie Des Saints, Dr. John
  • St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast, Frank Zappa
  • St. Elizabeth Story, Eels
  • St. Judy's Comet, Paul Simon
  • St. Louis (in situ), They Might Be Giants
  • St. Louis's Balcony, Patrice Pike & Wayne Sutton
  • St. Patty's Polka Medley, Jimmy Sturr
  • Ghost of the St. Louis Blues, Leon Redbone
  • Bonnie St. Johnstone, Richard Thompson
  • The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady (album), Charles Mingus


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