Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Opening statement - Graham

Using MS Word to summarize Graham's opening statement:
I respectfully disagree with Senator Kennedy. To me, the central issue before the Senate is whether or not the Senate will allow President Bush to fulfill his campaign promise to appoint a well- qualified, strict constructionist to the Supreme Court and, in this case, to appoint a chief justice to the Supreme Court in the mold of Justice Rehnquist.

Elections matter.

We're not here to talk about liberal philosophy versus conservative philosophy and what's best for the country. The memos you wrote while you were working for President Reagan and Bush 1, in my opinion, reflect a conservative lawyer advising a conservative president about conservative policies.

There's plenty of blame to go around, Judge Roberts. What is the standard for a senator to confirm a Supreme Court nominee? The president won. If we were to make our votes, base our votes on that one principle, Justice Ginsburg would not be Justice Ginsburg. The law, Judge Roberts, to me, represents a quiet place in American discourse.


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