Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Opening statement - Kohl

Using MS Word to summarize Kohl's opening statement:
In the hands of the Supreme Court, the Constitution has established a right to equal education regardless of race. It has allowed women to keep private medical decisions private. The court even has power over which constitutional questions it will hear and which cases the court will decide.

People in high places of public trust in this country have a responsibility to share their thoughts about important issues like civil rights, privacy, property rights, separation of church and state, civil liberties and much more.

The Supreme Court's decisions may be most important when they address the breadth of our civil rights. Judge Roberts, if confirmed, we can expect that you will serve 25 to 30 years as chief justice of the United States. In judging this and other Supreme Court nominations my test has been judicial excellence.

A Supreme Court justice must understand this.


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