Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What we have here is a failure of security

Bruce Schneier contributes to the discussion on Hogwart's security.
This seems like an enormous hole in magical defenses

From Karl Lembke:
The moral of the story is, inadequate security can be worse than no security at all.

Veryard discusses networks of trust in the Potter series:
James Potter can nominate one friend to guard the secret of his whereabouts, and chooses his strongest and apparently most trustworthy friend – Sirius Black. But for Sirius, being the obvious choice makes him immediately vulnerable to attack: in systems engineering terms, he is a single point of failure. He decides that the Potters’ secret would be better guarded by a less obvious person, and delegates the responsibility to a weaker wizard – Peter Pettigrew – who immediately betrays the Potters.


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