Saturday, December 10, 2005

Song of the day: Talking Christmas Goodwill Blues

Christmas song from John Wesley Harding. Very reminiscent of Talkin' Return Of The Great Folk Scare Blues and probably an old recording from his gangsta folk singing days.

Talking Christmas Goodwill Blues
Well I flew to LA for the very first time
And met Howie Klein and Seymour Stein
They said Wes We do this Christmas thing
And we get all the acts to sing
Said what do you want? A cover of Winter Wonderland or something?
They said, do what you like.
So this is called Talking Christmas Goodwill Blues
This is how it goes

Here it goes

Well Christmas comes but once a year
364 days to get your ass in gear
He's a sucker he's a fool
The man who don't revere the Yule

So this Christmas is just me and you
And a large helping of sweet baby Jeesoo

May all your Christmasses be very white
And your boxing days be out of sight
But spare a thought when you give a gift
For the people doing Christmas shifts

For Christmas is a time of giving
Like lifetime is a time for living

Well they say that money's taken over
And no one wants a cheap legover pullover
They say that when any bell rings
One of God's children gets his wings

Talking of wings there's a sign in LAX that says only 495 shopping days until the Christmas after this one
Buy now, cry later

So deck you halls with mistletoe
And save your sense and hope it snows
Watch some old shows on TV
But don't knock down the Christmas tree

Because you'll be cleaning up pine needles in July
That's a universal truth unfortunately

Christmas Hootenanny

TwelveDrummersDrummingElevenPipersPipingTenLordsALeapingNineLadiesDancingEightMaidsAMilkingSevenSwansASwimmingSixGeeseALaying FiveGoldenRingsFourCallingBirdsThreeFrenchHensTwoTurtleDoves

And her apartment's in a big mess
And the ASPCA's not too happy either

So I'm behind the speakers over here
Wishing you a hip hop happy New Year
A wicked Christmas and the coolest yule
If you're by a fire or in a swimming pool

John Wesley Harding's the name and this is the groove
He was never known to make a foolish move
watch out for the record when it hits the shelves
Happy Christmas Enjoy your elves


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