Monday, January 16, 2006

My point, and I do have one

Wherein I get all meta and self-conscious

I've been doing this for a few months and have about 280 posts, so I thought I should take a look at how So Quoted is turning out. First, I should explain, I consider this an experimental space. I have no overriding goal or ultimate design. Basically, I've always emailed links of interesting stories and finally decided this would be just as easy and I'd stop bothering people by email. Mostly. It's also a place for me to copy information so I can find it later.

I'm also playing around with more essay style writing and would like to get more experimental. One of my favorite early posts was an investigation into who wrote the Banana Boat song. Interesting web digressions that I think answered the question as well as can be answered. A few weeks after I wrote it, someone stumbled across it and sent me an mp3 of Edric Connor - the earliest recording of the song and the one that Harry Belafonte most likely copied. That was cool.

I compiled a list of derivations of "Any sufficiently advanced..." and that got me a lot of my early hits. I also enjoyed songs for arsonists. Otherwise commenting at Throwing Things and Althouse, probably account for most of traffic. And despite not knowing anyone else who blogs or actively pursuing links, I have achieved a few blogroll spots:

One of many things that's surprised me about this space is how much time I spent blogging about music. Whether lists or lyrics, this became much more of a focus than I thought it would. Most likely because I was listening to a lot of music and haven't read much during the last couple months. Just hit a spell where nothing was interesting. That seems to be shifting and I hope to pick up some books I never got around to finishing. I'd like to see more book reviews, so I'll try and make a list of my "to be read" books.

Other than that, I'm trying to balance "more coherent and serious" versus "less coherent and funny." My natural inclination is towards the former...or latter...whatever, the more funny one. For some reason I've never been able to keep former/latter straight. I'll also work on that this year. Also want to work on translating Hamlet into Haiku. But not just the version that follows 5-7-5; there's also the modified English version of 3-5-3. And a Brazilian form that looked interesting, but couldn't quickly find a good link to.

Back in October I started work on reviewing and grading every year of music from 1960 to 2000. I think I finished the 1980s before being distracted. I need to finish that off and publish it. My original plan was to do a decade a week, so we're looking at a month of music posts. Again with the music posts. Just to tease, I think I had 1960 (or 1962?) rated the highest and 1984 rated the lowest.

I keep meaning to do a retrospective on Nipplboy, but that will require a few hours delving through ancient usenet archives (I think that's a triple redundancy).

That's about it. While I am vain enough to wish more people would read something I enjoyed writing, my first goal is to entertain myself.


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