Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Mystery or Hoax?

Wherein I recommend an interesting read

Bruce Schneier receives an unsolicited email. It reads like a bizarre chainmail, but concerns an event that really happened:
I know this is going to sound like a plot from a movie. It isn't. A very good friend of mine Linda Rayburn and her son Michael Berry were brutally murdered by her husband...the sons stepfather.
They were murdered on February 3rd, 2004. He then hung himself in the basement of their house. He left behind a number of disturbing items.

However, the most intriguing is a cryptogram handwritten on paper utilizing letters, numbers and symbols from a computer keyboard. Linda's daughter Jenn was the one who found the bodies. Jenn is a very good friend of mine and I told her I would do everything within my power to see if this cryptogram is truly a cryptogram with valuable information or if it is a wild goose chase to keep us occupied and wondering forever what it means.

Bruce posts a copy of the cryptogram. Reading the comments the serious responses are falling into two main camps: could be a password cheat sheet or it's bogus.

Read Handwritten Real-World Cryptogram


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