Monday, January 09, 2006

Shrinking DeWine

More Alito shrinkage

Using MS Word to summarize Mike DeWine's (R-OH) opening statement:
First, we elect a president who has the power to nominate justices to the Supreme Court. When it comes to our Constitution, judges perform, certainly, an important role. Sometimes, Judge, however, I fear that the Supreme Court forgets this advice. Without question, the court does play a vital role in our constitutional system. In most cases, the court performs this admirably and with great restraint. Judges are not members of Congress, they’re not state legislators, governors, nor presidents. To use the words of Justice Byron White, words that I quoted at our last Supreme Court hearing, The role of the judge is simply to decide cases -- to decide cases, nothing more.

If confirmed, it will be your job to faithfully interpret our Constitution and to defend our democracy, case by case.


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