Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Free beer!

Wherein all I need is to end up in Milwaukee

Got an email from the Sprecher brewery
We would like to announce an In-House Promotion to our valued customers through the end of February: Special Savings on Generation Porter, winner of the 2005 USBTC Best of the Midwest-Fruit Beer category.

Characterized by a medium body and a dry, well-balanced finish, this deep brown porter brewed with Dutch cocoa and pure raspberry concentrate evokes the sumptuous tastes of chocolate, caramel and fresh raspberries. Soft and silky, Generation Porter is a terrific dessert beer; it also tastes wonderful in front of a fire.

Buy one get one FREE! Receive a FREE 16oz. bottle of Generation Porter with every bottle you buy. Offer good ONLY in our Retail Store through February 28th, 2006. Located in Glendale at - 701 W. Glendale Ave (414) 964-BREW (2739)

Sprecher is the finest beer in all the land and impossible to find in this part of the country. Last bottle I had was two years ago when I had coworker bring back a few bottles when she went home to Wisconsin for the holidays. Like liquid gold, I tell you.

The first time I had Sprecher was just about 20 years ago. Fourth of July weekend, 1986, went to Milwaukee Summerfest with a girlfriend. Stayed with her brother, a student at Marquette. When Jeffrey Dahmer showed up on the news a few years later, I recognized the apartments as being in the same neighborhood.

At that point, Sprecher had been open less than a year when we did a brewery tour. Drove past blocks of abandoned buildings to a deadend corner of a rail yard. Pretty sure if we weren't murdered or the car stolen we'd turn into the Donner party trying to find our way back out (speaking of cannibalism). Tour was a $1 and led by one of the brewmasters. About all I remember is that the place was run by maybe three guys who hadn't slept in three months and were surviving off cigarettes and beer. And then we spent an hour drinking the freshest beer I've ever had. Best buck I've ever spent.

Now they've moved upscale and have a brewpub. Still have a tour, but just samples instead of an hour-long booze fest. Sprecher is now available in six states. Closest to Atlanta is probably Cincinnati and since we have friends we'll be visiting at some point this year, I will be bringing back a stash.


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