Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I am watching the new Electric Company DVDs

Wherein I am watching the new Electric Company DVDs

Just a couple notes:

  • Bill Cosby was allowed to smoke cigars on a children's show. He smoked. He smoked and it was a normal activity and wasn't used to compare smokers to Nazis. Thank god we're more enlightened than that, nowadays. Because thanks to government studies we now know smokers are baby-raping mutants in league with satan worshipping neo-capitalist stalinists. And to think that just a little more than 30 years ago, the government encouraged smoking on a daily children's show under the guise of teaching reading.

    Thanks to the "De-Odorization Act of 1989" smokers were eventually hunted down and exterminated; of course it wasn't that hard, what with the coughing and wheezing and general lack of mobility. A few have been kept around for research purposes -- did you know that smoking was once promoted for athletes? It was believed that smoking opened up the lungs.

    And then there are the smoker zoos. Usually kept in airports, you can view smokers in their natural habitat -- a starkly furnished, tar-colored room with plexiglass walls. Assuming, of course, the haze is not too heavy.

  • Not exactly a news flash, but Rita Moreno was hot


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