Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The parent of the female persuasion

Wherein oh crap it's mother's day this weekend

At Done With Mirrors, reader_iam sparks a discussion of mothers in song. Go read, fun stuff.

Searching through iTunes I found the following songs with mom, mommy, or mother in the titles.

UPDATE: XWL also has a mother post. Turns out I forgot to search for "mama." I've added another eleven songs towards the bottom.

I Love My Mom, Roches
mommy why
are you really angry
i don t know
what is the matter with me
you make me cry
and i need your love
and i love my mom

Kyle's Mom's a Bitch, South Park
Well, Kyle's Mom's a bitch, she's a big fat bitch,
she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world,
she's a stupid bitch if there ever was a bitch,
she's a bitch to all the boys and girls.

So Long Mom (A Song For World War III), Tom Lehrer
So long, Mom,
I'm off to drop the bomb,
So don't wait up for me.
But while you swelter
Down there in your shelter,
You can see me
On your TV

Mother Nature's Son, Beatles
Born a poor young country boy--Mother Nature's son
All day long I'm sitting singing songs for everyone.
Sit beside a mountain stream--see her waters rise
Listen to the pretty sound of music as she flies.

Mother Popcorn, James Brown
Some like 'em short
Some like 'em tall
Some like 'em thin
Skinny legs and all
I like 'em buttered
I like 'em proud
Now when they walk
They know they draw a crowd
See, well you gotta have a mother for me
Watcha say, whatcha say...
See, well you gotta have a mother for me
One more, gimme, gimme
See, well you gotta have a mother for me

Fairy Godmother Song, Jennifer Saunders
Your fallen tears have called to me, so here comes my sweet remedy.
I know what every princess needs for her to live life happily.
With.. just a wave of my magic wand your troubles will soon be gone.
With a flick of the wrist in just a flash, you land a prince with a ton of cash,
A high priced dress made by mice no less!
Some crystal glass pumps and almost dressed!
Worries will vanish your soul will cleanse
Confide in your very own furniture friends
We'll help you set a new fashion trend!

Mother, John Lennon
Mother, you had me, but I never had you
I wanted you, you didn't want me
So I, I just got to tell you
Goodbye, goodbye

Mothers Ruin, Kirsty MacColl
Mothers ruin
Their own little girls
Keep them dreaming
There's more to this world
But turn her the other way
And every day's Father's day
He stays until there's nothing left to say

bloody mother fucking asshole, Martha Wainwright
Poetry is no place for a heart that's a whore
And I'm young & I'm strong
But I feel old & tired
And I've been poked & stoked
It's all smoke, there's no more fire
Only desire
For you, whoever you are
For you, whoever you are

That was Your Mother, Paul Simon
Well, that was your mother
And that was your father
Before you was born dude
When life was great
You are the burden of my generation
I sure do love you
But let's get that straight

Mother and Child Reunion, Paul Simon
bonus snopes link
No I would not give you false hope
On this strange and mournful day
But the mother and child reunion
Is only a motion away, oh, little darling of mine

I Think I'm a Mother, PJ Harvey
You think you'll come over
I'll give you my number
You lover supporter
Then give me your mother
You come take me home and
Take me to your doctor
You think you'll come over?

Mother, Tori Amos
Mother the car is here
Somebody leave the light on
Green limosine for the redhead DANCING dancing girl
And when I dance for him
Somebody leave the light on
Just in just in case I like the dancing I can remember where I come from

Mother Mother, Tracy Bonham
Mother mother how's the family?
I'm just calling to say hello.
How's the weather? how's my father?
Am I lonely? heavens no.
Mother mother are ya listening? just a phone call to ease your mind.
Life is perfect, never better, distance making the heart grow fond.

Mothers of the Disappeared, U2
Midnight, our sons and daughters
Were cut down and taken from us.
Hear their heartbeat
We hear their heartbeat.

Answer to Mother Popcorn (I Got a Mother For You), Vicki Anderson
I'm not fat and I'm tall
I'm not a girl with skinny legs at all

Old Mother Reagan, Violent Femmes
Old mother reagan
And her crew
Took away
From me and you
I hope she goes far away
She better go far away
Y’know it ain’t right
When it’s all wrong
This is the old mother reagan
Protest song
Old mother reagan
She’s so dumb
She’s so dangerous
How come...
Old mother reagan went to heaven
But at the pearly gates
She was stopped!

Dance, Motherfucker, Dance!, Violent Femmes
When I say dance, you best dance motherfucker

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Jackson 5 (+ 2 others)
I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus
Underneath the mistletoe last night.
She didn't see me creep
Down the stairs to have a peep;
She thought that I was tucked up in my bedroom fast asleep

Ya Mama, Fatboy Slim
repeat a bajillion times until you want to gouge your eyes out:
push the tempo

The Mamas of the Mamas (Les Mamas Des Mamas), Zap Mama
No lyrics, so I offer this description of the album: "As in the first, Zap Mama uses African rhythms, yodels and chants, always accompanied by an interplay of vocal percussive elements which become so complex that they demand total attention to begin to appreciate. Using vocal techniques never before heard as they are an original synthesis we are transported not only to Africa and Europe, but these five women take us on to India and Australia in a continuing fabulous world tour."

Sugar Mama, Bonnie Raitt
Ain't gonna be no sugar mama no more
You can't have love when your keepin' score
All you pretty boys used to catch my eye
I just want a man I can satisfy
Ain't gonna be no sugar mama no more

My Mama Told Me, Tom Tom Club
My mamma told me love is true
Only if it returns to you
My mamma told me love is true
Only if it returns to you
So if you’re in trouble by rumors
Well I can tell you I’m angry at lies
I hear it - and it feels like murder
But I’ll never get it right if I don’t try

Mtaka Mama, Mahlathini
It's the King of the Groaners and the Mahotella Queens. South African Township Jive from the mid 60s. Actually saw them in 1998 at First Avenue. Wonderful sound, love the guitar work, don't understand a damn thing. Sometimes it's better than way.

Mama, Take Another Stand, Ken Layne and the Corvids
??? Sounds great, just can't understand enough of the lyrics to bother transcribing. Maybe I'll try later. Matt Welch announced a couple weeks ago that a second CD is imminent.

(Mama, Mama) Wish Me Good Luck, Carla Thomas

Mama I'm a Big Girl Now, Hairspray cast

Ma, you always taught me
What was right from wrong
And now i iust wanna give it a try
Mama, i've been in the nest for far too long
So please give a push and mama watch me fly

Mama Feelgood, Lyn Collins and the J.B.'s

Mama Didn't Lie, Jan Bradley
Mama didn't lie, she didn't lie.
Mama didn't lie, she didn't lie.
Here comes that boy and his friends,
Making eyes at me again.
Do they all think that I'm a toy,
To be played with by every boy?
Well, they're wrong to think I
Will be caught by the wink of an eye.
My mama didn't lie. (Mama didn't lie.) She didn't lie.

Hard Lovin' Mama, Katie Webster
'Cause I'm a hard lovin' mama
Healthy, firm, and fine
And if you fool around with me
I know I can make you mine
All the time


Blogger reader_iam said...

I assume you know that this post doesn't suffice as a Mother's Day Gift for the Mother Of Your Child.


Just messin' with you ... .

5/10/2006 02:38:00 PM  
Blogger bill said...


What about the m-in-law?

5/10/2006 02:43:00 PM  

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