Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What did we do for Mother's Day?

Wherein not much and it was good

Just a relaxing day at the house, invited the mothers over and cooked a pleasant dinner. Wife vetoed plans for extensive cooking--"Everyone knows you can cook, no need to spend all day in the kitchen." Yeah, but spending all day in the kitchen keeps me out of the conversation. Well, maybe for Father's day.

Picked up a couple side items, rolls, and a cake at the fancy-schmancy grocery store. Got some thick-cut pork chops that I marinated for a few hours (.5C soy sauce, .5C bourbon, .5C honey) and grilled. I poured off the marinade into a pan, brought to a boil, and reduced by about half and stirred in some cream for a rich gravy. I also coated the pork chops with a roasted garlic onion jam we'd also bought, so there wasn't much call for the gravy. Good meal. Good times.

Plenty of leftovers for last night's dinner. Threw some onions and carrots in a pot with some bacon grease. Diced up the remaining pork chops and added them. Mixed in the gravy marinade. Added some leftover green beans. Heated through and served over rice. Pineapple chunks would have been perfect.


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