Friday, May 12, 2006

Rabbit invasion

Wherein this could get very interesting and bloody if the hawks at the end of the street catch on

We have at least four rabbits around our yard and the neighbors. We're in a cul-de-sac with large wooded yards, so there's plenty of space for them. Haven't located their dens. Though I think one couple might be under the big azalea outside the kitchen window.

Sounds like we're right in the middle of the prime breeding period, making it likely we'll see more. No one has gardens to worry about, so when do we know we have too many rabbits?
Eastern Cottontail
The eastern cottontail is the most common rabbit in Georgia occurring throughout the entire state. It has dense brown to gray fur on its back with a white underside and white or cotton tail. There is usually a white spot on its forehead, the nape of the neck is rusty in color, and the feet are whitish. From head to tail adults measure 14-17 inches and weigh 2-4 pounds.
Cottontails breed from February to September, with 80% of the young born from April to July. Males are polygamous (i.e., have more than one mate at a time). Cottontails are very productive having 3-7 litters per year that range from 4-7 young per litter. Their gestation period is 25-30 days. Young can start eating vegetation after 8 days and are weaned from their mother after 14 days.

Guess I should take some pictures.


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