Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A conversation

Wherein it's important to set boundaries

Scene: mother-in-law is showing wife an advertisment for a Disney movie-of-the-month club.

Mother-in-law:...look, they have Brother Bear.

Me: Can't get that one.

Mother-in-law: What?

Me: We can't watch Brother Bear, because of Phil Collins.

Mother-in-law: What?

Wife: Phil Collins...

Mother-in-law: What? Phil Collins isn't in it.

Me: He wrote the songs.

Mother-in-law: What?

Wife: Phil Collins wrote the songs for the movie.

Mother-in-law: What?

Me: Look, Phil Collins wrote the songs and we don't allow Phil Collins in the house. Same with Barney. You have to draw the line somewhere.

Mother-in-law: What?

Wife: Nevermind...what else do they have.


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