Monday, June 12, 2006

Don't blame me, I'm just the coach

Wherein he wasn't entirely incorrect

After a horrible loss, Bruce Arena throws the team under the bus:
And then, after the 3-0 loss, it grew even more brutal, somehow. Bruce Arena started attacking his top players, who were forced to defend themselves when they just wanted to get to the bus and have a sip of bottled water. Arena, Mr. Secrecy, suddenly became way too open and honest with the media. He broke the rules, went after his own guys when they were at their lowest. Kicked them when they were down, a red card at the World Cup.

“Landon showed no aggressiveness tonight,” Arena said. “We got nothing out of Beasley on the night. Kasey, for whatever reason, puts (the ball) up field when we have nobody.”

As there were already signs of dissension, I doubt this will work as a motivator. More than a few people have been unhappy with some of Arena's latest decisions and at the end of this World Cup I expect we'll hear more than a few choruses of Hang the Bastard:
Hang the bastard, hang him high.
Hoist his body to the sky.
It's as nice as a day can be.
Won't you come to the hanging with me?

Hang the bastard, hang him well.
Send his sorry soul to hell.
When his neckbone snaps we'll know.
When [Arena] won't be [coaching] anymore.



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