Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup Day 1

Wherein I hate that leprechaun jockey guy ESPN2 is using as an announcer

Notes and comments will be brief and sporadic over the next few days. I've been whomped by some nasty bug and after leaving work early, spent the rest of the day doped up on flu medicine. I'm barely functioning this morning. Then, if I'm up for the travel, Sunday is a wedding requiring a 4-hour roundtrip.

Germany 4 - Costa Rica 2
Ecuador 2 - Poland 0

And we're off. As I've picked Germany and Ecuador to advance, it was a good start for me. Germany and Costa Rica was entertaining, if a bit sloppy. Two brilliant goals from the Germans, plus two others should have lead to a more comfortable win. However, suspect defense let Wanchope slip in for two to keep it close.
"The German defense was deplorable," Costa Rica striker Ronald Gomez said after the game. "They were really slow, and we got behind them with ease. They won't reach the final."

Nice to see the Germans playing aggressive offense, they just better pay more attention on defense. It's really too bad that when Wanchope was a high school exchange student in California, he didn't stay and change citizenship. He's a wonderful player to watch and would have made the perfect finisher that USA has been lacking.

Ecuador and Poland surprised me. Poland had control most of the game. Very patient, short passes, probing for a hole. Ecuador looked primed to provide a porous defense, but always closed up at the last minute. Ecuador played conservative and took advantage of some very poor defensive play by Poland.

Germany looks ripe to be beaten in this tournament. However, Poland doesn't look ready to challange them, so they'll probably advance. Germany and Ecuador as the top two still looks good; wouldn't be surprised if Ecuador beats Germany.


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I hope you feel better soon.

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