Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Twenty from the unplayed list

Wherein I still have 947 songs loaded that the iPod has not played

The next twenty songs, played randomly:
  1. Timidity, Zap Mama
  2. I'm Gonna Shock You, Daddy, Ursula 1000
  3. My Future, My Reality, Julia Sweeney (from her cancer show God Said Ha!)
  4. Isitha Ihliziyo, Mahlathini
  5. Human Touch, Rick Springfield (I blame the wife)
  6. Teach Me Tonight, The McGuire Sisters (pretty racy for a 50s song)
  7. When I win the lottery, Camper Van Beethoven
  8. Feels Like Home, Randy Newman (from Faust, sung by Bonnie Raitt)
  9. Something to Talk About, Bonnie Raitt
  10. Regimental Company March, The Gordon Highlanders
  11. Shock the Monkey, Peter Gabriel
  12. Slavonic Dance No. 1 in B Major, Dvorak
  13. Tee Nah Nah, Tuts Washington
  14. Look In My Eyes, The Chantels
  15. No One Said It Would Be Easy, Sheryl Crow
  16. Moira, Poets of Rhythm
  17. Sally Sue Brown, CC Adcock
  18. Bonnie Keliswater, Irish Rovers
  19. If, Bread
  20. The Devil, Urban Dance Squad


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