Friday, June 23, 2006

Updated Round 2 Predictions

Wherein I'm still in the hunt

We have a pool at work and after group play it's all pretty tight. I think there were five tied for first place and I was in third, only three points back. Not bad considering I only picked 11 of the final 16.

Here's my original Round of 16 predictions. We pick again for the Second round and here's what I have.

Germany > Sweden
Argentina > Mexico
Ecuador > England
Netherlands > Portugal
Italy > Australia
Brazil > Ghana
Switzerland > Ukraine
Spain > France

England will probably beat Ecuador, but England has been very unimpressive and I hoping Ecuador will give me a small upset to pick up a couple points. I gave serious consideration to picking Australia over Italy. Talked myself out of it; I think it's possible, it just isn't going to happen.

If it did break this way, here's how I have the quarters
Argentina > Germany
Netherlands > Ecuador
Italy >Swiss
Brazil > Spain

Argentina > Netherlands
Brazil > Italy

And its an all South American final with
Argentina > Brazil


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