Monday, October 16, 2006

Nominations for the Wack-job party

Wherein I'd probably forego the hyphen, but don't think it's important enough to argue

Icepick wants to create The Wack-job Party. Sounds like a good idea:
The Wack-job Party is apolitical. The purpose is to tag the political wackos of any political stripe, or even those of no political stripe.

I was ready to nominate just about every politician running television ads in Georgia, but "Being an idiot shouldn't be enough to get one in the Wack-job Party." Yeah, most of these guys are more idiots than true wackjobs.

One I should probably investigate more, though we're under another county's school board, Julia Bernath. Her offense: campaign billboards use nothing but the comic sans font. Don't know if this is enough to qualify as a wack-job, but it should be enough to disqualify her as overseeing the education of children. Unless she's an administrator at a clown school.

I'll take a picture.

And I'll be sure to make note of any wack-jobs.

Update: more on the idiot faction.


Blogger Icepick said...

I told you. There isn't any one party big enough to hold all the idiots in politics. The physics of the Universe just won't allow for such a thing to exist.

10/16/2006 03:51:00 PM  

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