Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hope Is A Thing With Feathers

Wherein music I like

Bought a Trailer Bride CD a couple years ago based on a review by Jack Sparks. Here's what he said:
Lead singer and songwriter Melissa Swingle's voice reminds me of weeping willow trees. She could be singing about bluebirds eating lollipops in the sunshine, and you would still feel like somebody was asking you whether to take a relative off of life support. It's a dull, aching, dreamy voice, somewhere between a hangover and pure REM sleep. Trailer Bride itself is more of an old flophouse band, singing a kind of loping country swing and torch, for hookers, Johns, and the hidden genius children of the employees, down in the basement writing Depression era novels and designing spansion bridges with slide rules.

Works for me.


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